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She is an acclaimed Food photographer, based in London, Uk. She has a distinctive style with a keen eye to details. Trained product and food photographer takes up different styles with ease, let that be classy commercial or creative still life.She definitely takes scrumptious pictures, willing to join ties with Food Photography agencies.  Please check her other website for her other work. http://maini.london

The current food photography approaches appeal to various commercial areas such as packaging, cookbooks, menus, hotels,  and restaurants and advertisements. As a contemporary and perhaps the best food photographer in UK, we pioneer new styles in food photography for all sectors. With great experience in the field of food photography, we provide world-class services to all clients with our in-door experienced team.

Maini, an extremely trained and a consultant in the Food Photography sphere, she possesses ideal skills and talents to create appealing, attractive and appetite stimulating images of all food dishes. Having tasted various cuisines in world-class hotels and restaurants, Maini knows exactly is required for styling every dish and creating perfect images.


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