Beverage Photography

Drink/ Beverages Photography

There is nothing more inspiring in drink photography than shooting and developing a unique and a natural glass of margarita. Hey, it’s not only about the margarita, but a variety of quenching cocktails, like punches, daiquiris, and Tequilas.

As per the best drink photographer in UK, creating an organic image is something that will make a difference in your work. Shooting beverages require style, though some may prefer talent. However, not all food and drink photographers have that talent, but experience and love improve every aspect of drinks photography. 

Shooting beverage photographs, commonly used in bars, beer cafes, restaurants, and other drinking spots require extra techniques and style to stimulate an actual desire to request for a drink or to depict the power in that glass of wine of quenching one’s thirst.

How to Shoot Beverages

Did you know that just pouring water into a glass showcases a certain level of skill and style? You may not know that, but the best drink photographers are aware of that. Well, when it comes to shooting beverages, here are the simple steps that will alter your results for the best!

What’s the Style?

Your glasses, the nature of drink, and the entire setting aid in creating the desired style for your beverage. To create a natural appearance, aim at balancing the background items.

Lighting Decisions

Are you opting for natural light or modified light? In order to create more dramatic shadows, a reflector may not be used, but some others may require a lightbox and a foam core reflector.


When it comes to Drink Photography in London, a little bit of garnishing is extremely essential. By embellishing salt, ice cubes, lemon peels, and slices into your photo will make it natural and organic.