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She is an acclaimed Food photographer, based in London, Uk. She has a distinctive style with a keen eye to details. Trained product and food photographer takes up different styles with ease, let that be classy commercial or creative still life.She definitely takes scrumptious pictures, willing to join ties with Food Photography agencies.  Please check her other website for her other work. http://maini.london

  • 12 years Photography experience; 7 seven years in food Photography; 6 years in Product Photography; 4 years in Director of Photography (film). For More pictures and videos please visit maini.london

  • Bachelors in Communication Design; Master in Photography: Image and electronic arts(London, UK); Food and Product Photography Diplomas; Photography in relation to Physics. Master class in Food Photography.

  • Expert in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

  • International experience with a decent client list

Trends in modern commercial food photography are quite interesting with a grand capacity of bringing new life to dishes. The current food photography approaches appeal to various commercial areas such as packaging, cookbooks, menus, hotels,  and restaurants and advertisements.

As a contemporary and perhaps the best food photographer in UK, we pioneer new styles in food photography for all sectors. With great experience in the field of food photography, we provide world-class services to all clients with our in-door experienced team.

Maini, an extremely trained and a consultant in the Food Photography sphere, she possesses ideal skills and talents to create appealing, attractive and appetite stimulating images of all food dishes. Having tasted various cuisines in world-class hotels and restaurants, Maini knows exactly is required for styling every dish and creating perfect images.

What is Food Photography?

Food photography is currently an inspiring food designing service where still life food images are developed for commercial services. Food photography requires ideal talent, skills, and flexibility to deliver images as desired and in time.

This commercial sector comprises of food stylists, art directors, and skilled photographers. The created food images are seen as appetizers and a display for the nutrients, nature, and difference in particular dishes on a menu. This acts as a promotional tool for the magazine, restaurant or hotel

Why is Food Photography a growing sphere?

Food is a major necessity in life, but food photography is more than just presenting food images because it portrays life in the various foodstuffs. Currently, food photography in London is one of the most exciting fields being opted by various master chefs.

Consider food photography in case you fall under the following categories;

  • Restaurants & Hotels

    Food photography is a prime tactic to curb competition and provide quick decision making for clients. Menus ideally require food photography to eliminate possible mistakes in food images


  • Food & Nutrition magazine

    Food magazines are ideal material sources for chefs, students, and mothers. Providing excellently designed food images in your magazine will definitely portray the taste in your dishes and how nutritious they are

  • Blog & Website

    Though similar to editorial photography, opting for a food photographer will improve your website’s attractiveness since food photographers exclusively know the importance of food photography

  • Manufacturing & Packaging

    Packaging- why we need food photography?. Packaging is one of the main attributes in of the commercial sector. The easiest way to help your customers learn about your product is through excellent packaging with perfect images.


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